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Planning your Project: Using Internet Forums as a Resource

When I was young we had a fascinating book called ‘How To Do Just About Anything’.  This was the book you went to for step-by-step advice if you wanted to hem a curtain, change the oil in your car, treat insect bites, shuffle cards professionally or clean a hot tub.  You didn’t need to be an expert, you just needed to know where to look.

These days we have the Internet as a research tool, which is a vital resource when project planning.  A successful project depends upon accurate planning, especially in predicting the duration and cost of each task, but you don’t need to be an expert to plan accurately – you just need to know where to look.

A freelancer who is planning a project may very well need to research tasks of which they have very little experience.  Making guesses at this stage is going to lead to problems along the line which can be easily avoided with some research.

Internet forums for freelancers are a great place to get advice and ask questions if you need information in your project planning stage.  For instance:

  • They are invaluable if you are putting together a team of freelancers from other disciplines to your own.
  • You can use them to get an idea of costs if you are calculating estimates.
  • You can get advice if you are new to running your own project team.
  • Other freelancers may have very different ways of working to you – you may need to understand work practices before committing yourself.
  • You can ask questions about technical specifications or other considerations that you are not familiar with.

Listed beneath are five forums specifically for freelancers:

Talk Freelance
Freelance Switch
Freelance UK
Freelance Forum
Why Do Work

It is worth taking your time to get your project plan accurate now; what you skimp on in the planning phase may well cost you time and money later.


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