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Freelancers: 5 Reasons to Use Project Management Techniques

When you hear the phrase project management it can sound a bit stiff, technical and serious.  What on earth has it got to do with your work?
As a freelancer, chances are you work on a project basis, rather than the day-in-day-out routine that many salaried workers get so dispirited by.
Whether you plan weddings, carve sculptures, design logos or write copy, you work on projects and you probably love that sense of satisfaction you get from bringing in your project on time, on budget and to the quality you expect to deliver.

But judging by the sales of time-management and efficiency books not all of us are at our best when it comes to organising ourselves and our work.  Too many of us find ourselves pulling all-nighters or missing social engagements to get our work delivered.  Our quality, costs or timescales can slip.  Not only is that no good for us, it’s no good for our businesses.

Even the smallest of projects can benefit from being organised around the principles of project management, from planning a workshop to fitting in a portrait shoot.  In the coming weeks I’m going to help to demystify the jargon around project management and explore how using it can help freelancers be more productive and less stressed.

Five Reasons For Freelancers To Use Project Management

1)    Delivering multiple projects at the same time can be overwhelming even for the most organised freelancer.
2)    Project management techniques can help to identify slack times in your schedule.  You might be able to take on another project you would have otherwise turned down!
3)    Project management will help you to prioritise tasks so you don’t leave all the important things till the last minute.
4)    You will learn how to scope out your project better from the outset so you don’t waste time on things your client doesn’t need you to do.
5)    You will feel ahead of the game and can concentrate on enjoying your work!

I’d love to hear your questions, comments, feedback or suggestions for topics you’d like me to cover.


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